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David and his wife Natalie head up LeaderHeart. An organisation passionate about keeping the hearts of leaders and others healthy and thriving.
David is a creative heartfelt leader in his generation. As a speaker, author, writer and artist, he brings together a unique fusion of experience ranging from business to leadership and emotional health to spiritual development.

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Read more +21 February 2018 By David Tensen in General News, leadership

Why I really don’t want to see my Gold card again.

Yes, I’m that guy who walks through the glass doors into the air lounge and gets on the plane before you. I get the good seat up the front and am among the first off the plane. Some of you may hate these card-wielding-flyers as you embark on your occasional interstate trip. But it’s not
Read more +26 January 2018 By David Tensen in Resource

Everlasting Blessings – Everyday Videos

If you haven’t heard, we have thousands tuning in every week to hear David’s Everlasting Blessings series on Facebook live.  Here’s the group: www.facebook.com/groups/385724991855378/ You can also find the 26 videos (so far) on Youtube here: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtXqWw_hWPxhVXd1obIZjM7EYPbAdjiMF .  New  videos added weekly.
Read more +07 January 2018 By David Tensen in Children

Dads, their boys and the ABCs of emotional intelligence.

Emotional literacy is one of the most remarkable gifts we can give our developing boys [1]. Parents and carers, listen up. The development of emotional literacy and intelligence is not a task we can outsource to a school system, youth group or sports club. This training is our task. Our responsibility. It’s true home-work. An inside
Read more +31 December 2017 By David Tensen in recommended links

New Years Blessing – 21 Days of Blessing

  Join us for 21 Days of Blessing by joining this group and get access to a daily blessing video like this one through to 20th January. www.facebook.com/groups/385724991855378/  
Read more +28 December 2017 By David Tensen in Resource, Transformation

Introduction to Integrated Inner Healing Mentor Group ONLINE – Interest and applications open now.

Read more +28 December 2017 By David Tensen in Social Media, Transformation

Me, Myself & the Bible

Me, Myself & the Bible I think it’s important we seek to understand another’s relationship with an ancient text. For many, their own relationship with the 66 book Christian canon we call the ‘The Bible’ is something which develops, changes and holds different meaning over a lifetime. I have to confess that there are seasons
Read more +18 October 2017 By David Tensen in Australia, HSP

6 Reasons this Aussie Dad isn’t doing Halloween

I’m not looking forward to Halloween night. I know for a fact that I’m not the only Aussie who feels this way. Halloween has only been a ‘thing’ in Australia for the last few years. We live in the suburbs on the Sunshine Coast and over the last few years the streets have been filling up
Read more +09 October 2017 By David Tensen in HSP

Compassion Fatigue. It’s a very real thing.

Pastoral Care Workers, Chaplains, Counselors, Medical Staff, Social Workers and Inner Healing Practitioners, did you know Compassion Fatigue is a very real thing? Mother Teresa wrote in her plan to her superiors that it was MANDATORY for her nuns to take an entire year off from their duties every 4-5 years to allow them to
Read more +08 October 2017 By David Tensen in recommended links

Raising Your Highly Sensitive Boy MasterClass with Dr Ted Zeff – Online Course Now Available

How would you like to get a crash course in raising your gifted and unique HS Boy?  (Because as you are seeing, different attention and parenting skills are needed so your boy can thrive in life) This exclusive webinar recording has kindly been made available by HSP expert Dr Ted to the broader public following