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Spiritual Considerations in Mental Health

Mental Health, like physical health, appears on a spectrum. So why do a lot of Christ-followers and church-goers tend to hide, ignore or shame mental health issues or illnesses? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️ . Good question! And what about spiritual things? What about demonic spirits? Trauma? Generational iniquity and all the other things scriptures talk about? Good question!
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The Paradox of Definition – a poem and audio

Listen to this poem in gentle audio – followed by reflection and thoughts by David Tensen   I have so much to say so many words a lifetime of my own a millennia of others yet as I utter and draw conclusions I draw a box and put You in it and with religious zeal
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Fear and Anxiety track – now on Youtube

This 30 minute audio prayer was especially developed for children battling with anxiety and fear. Since recording and releasing the prayer, adults and children alike have sent in stories and testimonies from all over the world of healing and relief from fear, stress, trauma and anxiety. Many sleeping well and overcoming anxiety attacks. This album
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Dear Church – A Poem

Dear Church, I’ve struggled to visit your gatherings. Not because you hurt me, But because you held so much hurt… and I had the hardest time ignoring it. Even though you wouldn’t see it, the hurt kept leaking into my lap… and it became impossible to undo. Your pain and mine combined, were too much
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The Mature Masculine

The mature masculine: 1. Does parental intimacy well. 2. Creates life. Doesn’t destroy it. 3. Knows his Source, relationally. 4. Exposes darkness, inside and out. Of late, my heart has been stirred around the need in our nation for men to continually commit to a life of maturity. Growing old (in age) is not a
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What I Believe – A confession of faith

Recently, I’ve had a few people come to me, in kindness and concern (I think), asking me to give an account for things that I’ve written around theological theories and topics. Some of these people claim to represent a number of concerned/worried people. One of them suggested I write some kind of doctrinal statement of
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And You Wait – A Poem

I wanted to do my own thing. And You let me. After all, You gave me this will. This floundering will that gives me a sense of me a sense of control a sense of choice. And You wait. You wait like a father who gives his girl a new bike and she goes missing
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Kind of Way – A Poem

I know that you know. So I should probably confess it. Not because it’s a bad thing. But because it’s normal and necessary to admit you’ve disappointed me and continue to. Although I don’t mind as much now. Still, there were many times I prayed. Followed the rules. Gave my two mites. Did all the
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So Close – A Poem

I have to say it’s been a challenge developing a friendship with those so close they can be overlooked and forgotten on the best of days and the worst. Yet, there you are. Three in one. In all. In me. Clothed in creation. Naked to heart’s eyes. Always conversing. Attuned to heart’s beat. Christ in
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Being known by God – Scary, maybe?

If eternal life is an intimate and ongoing relationship with a triune God (Jn17:3), is it possible we short-change ourselves with misplaced relationships? Something less threatening that may look similar? For example: 1. Could we have a relationship with a concept of God? 2. Could we have a relationship with the concept of salvation? A
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Who Took Your Voice – Three Poems

Prologue: There are many reasons we lose our voice. What came to the forefront as I wrote these three poems was the devastating effect of shame and trauma in our lives – which not only cause us to lose our voice but, as I write in piece 3, they can cause deafness towards the song
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Intentionally Parenting Unlike an Angry God

“So, dad, who killed Jesus? Did God do it? …and why? What did Jesus do that was bad that he was punished?” How do you answer your 8-year-old son or 14-year-old daughter and present an image of a loving father you’d like to know and emulate? The thing is, I know my kids may have
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A letter from Natalie – “God, You’ve got me.” Partner with us

1 April 2019 Hello Supporters, First, a big thank you for helping us continue in the work we are doing in LeaderHeart…we can only continue through your generosity. As I write this I am aware that many are doing it tough at the moment and that we are not alone in this season. We are
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Dear Breakdown – A Poem

Dear Breakdown, When I saw you coming over the horizon I braced myself. With your strong gaze and constant gait I began to suspect you were on assignment or I had summoned you unknowingly. I’d seen what you had done to others. Their lives resembled wrecks. Many lost hope and all sense of pride. And
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Prayer Ministry and Inner Healing Appointments with David and Natalie Tensen

Background: It has been 18 months since I took a much-needed recovery rest from providing private prayer ministry sessions for clients across the globe. I’d done well over a thousand hours including travel, mostly alone, with little rest or recovery. (Not sustainable!) Many of you supported us in prayer and finance to keep us out

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