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NEW BOOK - More Precious than Pearls

Grab a copy of this new book by Anne Hamilton and Natalie Tensen! Discover more about The Mother's Blessing and God's Favour Towards Women
Highly Sensitive People Series

Highly Sensitive People Series

Are you a HSP or is your child Highly Sensitive? Join David and others as they explore this topic from a holistic perspective.
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The Feminine Nature of God

Discover more of this wonderful truth being uncovered today. Women, you are precious - this teaching will minister to you powerfully.

LeaderHeart Conference in QLD

Join us for this 2 day conference on the Sunshine Coast with some amazing teachers and ministers of God's mysteries. Anne Hamilton. Milly Bennitt. David and Natalie Tensen

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David and his wife Natalie head up LeaderHeart. An organisation passionate about keeping the hearts of leaders and others healthy and thriving.
David is a creative heartfelt leader in his generation. As a speaker, author, writer and artist, he brings together a unique fusion of experience ranging from business to leadership and emotional health to spiritual development.

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Read more +20 October 2016 By David Tensen in Prayer, Transformation


Lately, as I’ve travelled and taught in new places on transformation and the value healing through heart-focused community and prayer ministry,  I have encountered more and more people who have had negative and sometimes abusive experiences with inner healing prayer practitioners. Now, I realise that if I say ‘Prayer Ministry’ or ‘Inner Healing’, many different
Read more +30 September 2016 By David Tensen in Itinerary

Catch David Oct-Dec 2016

David will be ministering and teaching in the following locations in the coming months.  Please contact the churches for details and questions. SUN 9th OCT 6PM Living Stream Apostolic Centre KAWANA SUNSHINE COAST QLD SUN 16th OCT 630PM Friends First Academy BERWICK VIC SUN 23rd OCT 10AM + 630PM Friends First Church BERWICK VIC SUN 6th
Read more +05 September 2016 By David Tensen in Church -, Itinery, Transformation

We basically need your help…

One year ago we put out an invitation for people to partner with us for the year ahead. A number of people were in a position to give as they felt God led and we are so grateful for their ongoing support. We simply can’t do what we we do without financial support and we basically
Read more +03 September 2016 By David Tensen in Children, Transformation

To those dads who try their best…

Being a dad is tough. I considered opening by stating that being a dad in the 21st century is tough. But I don’t think it’s ever been easy. Not everyone reading this will be a father, but we all have one right? Aside from medical or relational reasons, having kids is not hard for men. Quite frankly,
Read more +02 September 2016 By David Tensen in Church -, Transformation

When Jealousy Springs Forth

It has just turned Spring here in Australia. I don’t know why it is, but this change of seasons carries with it a sense of heaviness in my spirit. There is a sense that as the natural world changes and beckons a new approach, so does the spiritual. There are things which must be planted
Read more +22 August 2016 By David Tensen in HSP, Transformation

Feeling about Feelings. Meta-Emotions and their Origins

It’s quite amazing isn’t? We all have feelings about feelings. Don’t believe me? How do you feel when someone cries? – expressing a feeling. How do you feel when you are upset and crying as a result? Can you cry? Can you be angry? Are you allowed to be upset? Or do you feel embarrassed
Read more +15 August 2016 By David Tensen in Transformation

Bankrupt, broken, limping and transformed.

If you’ve listened to my Heart of Provision album, you’ll be familiar with our journey through deep financial struggle which ended in voluntary bankruptcy in December 2013. It was confronting, hard and humiliating. While many family and friends my age were getting homes (mortgages), upgrading cars and furniture, Natalie and I were getting ruthless calls from
Read more +13 August 2016 By David Tensen in Transformation


Did you know that your right brain, the side that deals with emotion, doesn’t really understand time sequence like the left logical side does? This basically means that emotional events; traumatic, loving, fearful and joy filled experiences are simply ‘there’ in your right brain. Your left brain tells you the event is in the past,
Read more +09 August 2016 By David Tensen in HSP

Interview #2 with Carol Brown – Raising Highly Sensitive Children

As promised, here is the 2nd interview with Carol Brown. This time we discuss raising Highly Sensitive Children. Carol Brown is author of two tremendous books that help connect the HSP trait with making the most of it as a follower of Christ.  Notes and links below.   You may need to right click and

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