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Highly Sensitive People Series

Highly Sensitive People Series

Are you a HSP or is your child Highly Sensitive? Join David and others as they explore this topic from a holistic perspective.

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David and his wife Natalie head up LeaderHeart. An organisation passionate about keeping the hearts of leaders and others healthy and thriving.
David is a creative heartfelt leader in his generation. As a speaker, author, writer and artist, he brings together a unique fusion of experience ranging from business to leadership and emotional health to spiritual development.

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Read more +26 February 2017 By David Tensen in Poetry

Commander Companion – A poem

COMMANDER COMPANION I heard His voice. I know what He said. And this was my dilemma. I was now hearing and understanding but what I heard was a verb. Run. Come. Walk. Quit. Jump. Love. Give. Forgive. Forfeit. Do. Don’t. Stop. Go. Repent. Bless. When He speaks nouns my heart leaps, melts and transforms. But
Read more +20 February 2017 By David Tensen in Transformation

Now taking bookings for personal one-on-one sessions with Natalie Tensen

Book here to see Natalie Tensen for an Advanced Pastoral Care session via Skype, Facetime or Phone. Booking times are 1 hour sessions. Price is $75AUD. Use the form below to choose a day and time. There is also a questionnaire you will need to fill out. Natalie Tensen is a passionate pursuer of wholeness and
Read more +05 January 2017 By David Tensen in Prayer, Transformation

ONLINE COURSE – How to Pray an Effective Blessing over others. The 4D Blessing

Why have so few people today been intentionally blessed? Because we’ve not been shown how to do it effectively. Bless the food and the hands that prepared it? YEP, always do that!. Bless the Design, Destiny and Dominion of my child? Aaah sorry, NO…umm…never really. Let me show you how I’ve been doing it for years
Read more +22 December 2016 By David Tensen in Audio, Resource

The Father’s Blessing of LOVE

If you grew up with the most amazing dad who regularly blessed you, please stop reading. This is not for you. The other 95% of the population might want to read on. What I discovered in my travels as a speaker and prayer counsellor to pastors and leaders is this: most people have what I
Read more +20 December 2016 By David Tensen in Children

Successfully Dealing with D.A.G.S. – Day After Gifts Syndrome

Can you see it coming? It’s Boxing Day morning. Tired, cranky and ungrateful kids emerge from bedrooms with half-baked annoyed looks on their faces resembling the hangover some parents may be carrying. They are most likely suffering from D.A.G.S. = Day After Gifts Syndrome. The day before was a high. It was all the Christmas
Read more +09 December 2016 By David Tensen in recommended links, Resource, Transformation

Decoding Your Destiny Seminar Recordings

Be set free and come to know more about covenants, relationships and the mysteries of God’s love. On 2nd and 3rd December 2016 over 120 people gathered for an intimate 1.5 day seminar in Australia to learn, love and decode their destiny in Christ. Speakers included award winning author Anne Hamilton, recording artist and speaker
Read more +22 November 2016 By David Tensen in leadership, Transformation

An open letter to that guy in his early thirties.

It’s a confronting, tough and frustrating time. It’s filled with new energy and a different type of the drive to what we experienced in our teens and twenties. Guys that hit their early thirties tend to make major, life-altering decisions that often look ugly (and strange) from the outside. What’s going on? I have several
Read more +06 November 2016 By David Tensen in Australia, Church -, Transformation

5 pressing post-election questions for my U.S. friends.

For a solid nine months now, the world has been watching the US election campaign unfold.  Mainstream and social media commentary has filled our eyes and ears with professional and personal opinions; smear campaigns, accusations and advocacy for political parties and candidates. And we’re finally here! Election time!  You must know, we’ve been watching from Australia.
Read more +30 October 2016 By David Tensen in Australia, HSP

6 Reasons this Aussie dad isn’t doing Halloween

I’m not looking forward to Halloween night.  I know for a fact that I’m not the only person who feels this way.  Halloween has only been a ‘thing’ in Australia for the last few years. We live in the suburbs on the Sunshine Coast and every year the streets fill up with more costumed kids on